Welcome to Driftspartner!
Driftspartner is recognized within the Swedish commercial real estate industry as an authority on:

• Complex renovation project management, e.g. retrofitted 42 elevators across 32 buildings to meet updated EU-requirements
• Large scale parking facility optimization, e.g. maximized revenue from 9,500 parking spaces across 37 parking lots and garages
• Energy efficiency project oversight, e.g. improved heating, cooling and electricity consumption of 40,000 sq m (430,000 sq ft) office building
• Pro-forma diligence on the buy and sell sides of transactions, e.g. assessed complete running costs of 30,000 sq m (320,000 sq ft) retail and commercial building
• Large budget procurement programs, e.g. vetted and secured suppliers of waste management, cleaning and security in 70 office buildings across 3 cities

Driftspartner’s clients annually generate an additional SEK 180 M ($28 M) due to the improvements made by Driftspartner. Of this total SEK 20 M ($3 M) is from parking revenue, and SEK 160 M ($25 M) is from operating cost reductions. Revenue increases represent 60% improvement on average and cost reductions represent savings between 15-50% per assignment.

We serve a diversified group of eighteen companies from the commercial real estate sector. Examples include GE Real Estate and AREIM (real estate investment funds); Fabege, Wihlborgs, Jernhusen (property ownership); Newsec and Jones Lang LaSalle (property management); NCC (construction) and IKEA (retail).

You are welcome to contact us to discuss how Driftspartner can benefit your business.

Henrik Svensson