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When you consider the number of wild and crazy options player's currently have to choose from, there is something extra romantic about a plain, simple and slightly traditional black boot. It really is a rare sight these days, but there is a market for this style of releases. The Ryal 1946, Limited Edition, is designed to evoke memories of days gone when real footballers stuck with classic looks and real leather uppers. From the gold detailing to the brass sealed lace eyelets, you are getting a little taste of history in a modernized package. Unfortunately, Ryal has not yet crossed the pond, so ordering a pair from Europe might seem like a risky option. Well, here is our in-depth breakdown to give you further details on what you can expect from a pair.

First Impression

An extremely classy looking boot that has an almost Adidas Copa or Lotto Stadio Primato look to it. Ryal use plenty of stitching right across the front of the boot, so I'm interested to see how they feel on the ball. I'm also interested to see if the teardrop stud shape will affect traction performance in any way. Definitely a well built boot.

Breaking In

There is definitely a full bodied feel about this boot from first wear, so you do have to expect it will take time to break in. The K-leather upper will feel more natural after a few wears and the minimal soleplate does need to be flexed before it moves in unison with your natural movements. You have to remember that this is a boot composed of full bodied materials rather than the lightweight boots currently released on the market. Comfort is high priority and it definitely plays out in a positive way as you look to break them in. In particular, a unique padding right around the ankle lining acts superbly to keep your foot in place and avoiding blisters!? Finally, if you do invest in a pair of these boots, take the insole out – it is thick and extremely comfortable. Your foot almost soaks in when you take a step

Classic Design

If I hadn't recently tested the Ryal La Storia, I would be stating that these boots are one of the most classic you will currently find on the market. It is still true to say that they are very close to the most classic but they have some modern features compared to the La Storia. The addition of gold stitching and “Edizione Limitata” add a nice twist on the primary black upper while you also get the Italian colors thrown in to gently spice things up. Realistically, you don't want a great deal of color on a boot like this, why would you want to mess with the shiny leather?

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The fold over tongue was another interesting aspect of this boot and Adidas managed to get the functionality right. It was there to cover the laces and provide a larger, more uniform strikezone. What was so unique about it was the length, with the Velcro sitting right at the bottom lacing rung. I do remember hearing friends at the time complain that the Velcro stopped sticking over time, but then you had the option of tying the lacing over the tongue to keep it locked down in place.

When you look at the images, it is amazing to see how much stitching Adidas placed across the K-Leather upper. When they were released, brands like Adidas were more focused on creating a heavy duty boot that would last the rigors of long seasons. On this version, the Kangaroo leather was advertised as being “very thin with high tensile strength and strong durability”. The stitching added another level of support by allowing the boot to gently stretch in specific areas while keeping the boots natural shape.

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As a result of the heavy duty nature of the boot, they weighed in at a pretty heavy 13oz – oh how times have changed. As a comparison, the current Predator Lethal Zones (seen in the image below in a bright green colorway) weigh in at a lightweight 8oz. Obviously, that is a pretty substantial difference but it shows how technology upgrades have advanced and the direction companies are taking with their development processes.

This version of the boot was designed for FG surfaces. I also unearthed a pair of the SG configuration, which features Adidas first exchangeable Traction blades. These were the ones that you needed a small screwdriver to loosen and fasten, something that proved to be a hindrance for fans as they loosened a lot during play. It was a novel idea but it didn't provide the results fans were expecting. The blades themselves caused controversy, with Sir Alex Ferguson pointing them out specifically as a danger for players to wear.

Anyone intrested in finding a pair of Adidas Predator Precision, an?eBay Search?is the place to look.

If you do find a pair that you like there, don't expect the boots to be listed at an affordable price! Initially, these boots retailed for $150 but now they have doubled in value since they are so rare to find. I'm thinking this pair might have to sit on my display shelf, front and center in a nice shady spot, for a few more years.

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Lotto has added a fresh new control/power hybrid release to their line-up, coming in the form of the Stadio Potenza V. Featuring some added rubber components through the forefoot, players can experience a little extra grip on the ball. We check in with the new range in this unboxing – stay tuned for a full review coming soon.

Also, we cleared up the naming controversy with this boot. When they were initially released, Lotto labelled them the Stadio Potenza IV 200 and that is how they went to market. But, they made a decision to run the boot into a new V series, thus it is now also called the Stadio Potenza V. There might be some confusion as you source these online, but note that both represent the same boot.

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There is absolutely no fitness like match fitness, getting to play 90 minutes is where you really get yourself into soccer shape. But, to get to that point plenty of off field running is a necessity, especially as you work through pre-season. That is why, over the next few weeks, we will be detailing some of the top running shoes on the market, starting out with this top market option, the Adidas adiZero Feather 2.

Why choose this running shoe first, you might be wondering? Well, the simple answer to that lies in the fact that it is one of the best Summer options there currently is on the market. Since the upper is constructed using an air mesh, they offer a fantastic level of breathability while a SprintWeb welded frame provides added support. If you are wondering why they have “Feather” in the title, it is because of their overall weight – 6.6oz. For a running shoe, that is extraordinarily light.

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In the beginning (ie. the start of 2013) there was a player who received a personalized pair of boots, which were shared with few. His name was Cristiano Ronaldo and he scored goals. In the future?(ie. this week) there is a player who receives a new personalized pair of boots, which will be worn by many. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo and yes, you guessed it, he scores goals!

Welcome in the all new White/Neon Orange/Neon Yellow colorway of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX that CR7 will be sporting as part of the Summer '13 CR7 Collection. I think we all knew a personalized version was right on the horizon, especially since Messi's pair received so much attention over the past few weeks. In typical fashion, this is a bold colorway with a combination of colors and patterns that will have players taking a second and third look to work out what is going on.

In similar fashion to the recent CR Mercurial Vapor IX, this version features a soft Teijin microfiber upper as opposed to the dimple design we saw on the initial Vapor IX release (find out more on our Vapor IX review). So rather than getting that? golf ball styled surface, this upper has leather-like finish on the upper,?preferred by the athlete.

What are your guys thoughts on the new look and is it something you would wear?

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